Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder
Hummingbird Ring Feeder

Hummingbird Ring Feeder

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😍Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard – And to Your Hummingbird Ring!

Handfeeding Hummingbird

The Hummingbird Ring is a great feeder for an up close and personal experience with hummingbirds, but if the birds don't recognize your yard as hummingbird-friendly, they won't ever visit your ring. Red Hummer Ring Feeder

Fortunately, it can be easy to attract hummingbirds to your yard and help them find your Hummingbird Ring.

Hummer Ring Hummingbird Feeder Trainer with 4 Rings


  1. Remove petals and fill with fresh nectar or fill with a syringe through the hole in the center of the petals. Store-bought or homemade nectar is acceptable. Red dye is not necessary and should not be used.
  2. Attract hummingbirds to your yard by placing the Hummingbird Ring in a visible location. Place it in a small glass, shot glass or small flower pot filled with sand or dirt. Also, you can use one of our Hummingbird Trainers which are available on our website. Place your Hummingbird Ring in the vicinity of other nectar feeders or hummingbird friendly flowers.
  3. Keep the nectar fresh and the Hummingbird Ring clean and full. Change the nectar in ALL feeders every 3-5 days to maintain a healthy hummingbird population. If the nectar appears cloudy, or you see black residue (mold) change immediately. Change more often in warmer weather. The Hummingbird Ring is top rack dishwasher safe.
  4. Once the hummingbirds start feeding from the Hummingbird Ring, continue to keep it clean and full. The more they use the Hummingbird Ring, the more comfortable they will become.
  5. After the hummingbirds are used to the Hummingbird Ring, you can start to introduce yourself. Start by sitting in the vicinity of the Hummingbird Ring while they feed, so they get used to feeding around you.
  6. After they become more comfortable with you and the Hummingbird Ring, it is time to start hand feeding them. You can remove your hanging feeders, so the hummingbirds only come to the Hummingbird Ring, but it is not necessary.
  7. Place the Hummingbird Ring on your finger and sit in the vicinity where the hummingbirds have been feeding from it. Sit very still and be patient. The hummingbirds will typically check you and the Hummingbird Ring out before they come into feed.
  8. Spend as much time as possible getting them used to you and the Hummingbird Ring. With a little diligence and patience, they will come. Then enjoy observing this amazing creature close up. HAVE FUN!

Hummingbird RingHummingbird Ring


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